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Relationships with Our Customers are Our Greatest Resource
Sunil Khanna, Managing Director, Emerson Process Management India. Sound business practices, underlying management processes and transparency in business are the pillars on which Emerson stands. We pursue achieving our business objectives through adoption of competitive corporate strategies, prudent business plans, strategic monitoring and mitigation of risks

May we have your comment on the growth of your organisation during the past decade?
Emerson Process Management has been one of the most successful companies operating in the field of Automation and Instrumentation in India. Several macro-economic factors have helped the company to attain the current growth level. With revolution in communication technology and Infrastructure development through public-private partnership people can connect with the out-side world more easily. Potential exists due to availability of abundance of resources. India has achieved a lot in the last decade and so is expected from the next decade.

What were the growth drivers that propelled the company to secure its current market position?
India's growth story continues to be unabated as the country is expected to surpass 8 percent GDP growth rate, despite some of the major economies are still recovering from the global economic downturn. Mega projects in the country are well funded and we ensure that we get a fair share of these. Also there are no signs of slowdown in the power sector and customers like NTPC and BHEL have got surplus projects. Several electricity boards who undertake revamp projects opens up another growth opportunity for companies in Automation business. The overall trend of the Indian economy is positive and bullish and therefore more FDI inflows are expected.

As the leader of your organisation, what business habits did you follow during the past decade lead the company's growth?
Our focus was on increase in efficiency to optimise the cost of production by stretching resources and facilities to the maximum. We adopted this concept within our organisation and endeavored to produce and deliver more in lesser time with limited resources. The external business environment is extremely competitive and there is no room for complacency. The need of the hour is to maximise customer interface and find new areas of business to sustain in existing businesses. Our primary aim has always been to maintain relations with customers to do business with Emerson.

What were the issues and challenges faced by your organisation in the past, how did you address them and how do you see them change during the next ten years?
The market turbulence for the past two years may have foreshadowed a new phase of globalisation, as volatility is expected to continue. Even after the current recession lifts, underlying fluctuations in energy, commodity and currency rates, the emergence of new and non -traditional competitors, and rising customer demands will continue to roil traditional business and operating models in future. To remain competitive, companies world over are changing tactics by responding quickly and diligently to the changing environment without getting caught in knots. Companies are thinking of ways to make their processes more flexible so that they can serve their customers better. Customer centricity is the axis around which all successful businesses in the world revolve and Emerson is no exception. The better we know our customers, the better we are able to gauge what matters most in defining a positive customer experience. Organisational agility to respond to the fast changing demands of the market around is thus a core element in today's competitive world and essential to the company's standing. These market forces will continue to act and we need to be prepared to face this in the next decade too.

Which key areas in your opinion are poised for strong growth in the next decade?
The automation market for Power (growing at 15pc+) and metals (growing at 10pc+) are some of the areas that are poised for strong growth. Hence Power, Metals and Oil & Gas will continue to be our focus areas too.

Where do you see your company in 2020?
I firmly believe that we are best positioned in the country to take advantage of the upturn in the market situation, particularly as the world moves out of the shadow of the global economic slowdown, and we look forward to 2020 with optimism. Our relations with our customers have been our greatest resource and it will help keep us going in bad or good times. We hope to count on the continued support from our customers as we renew our commitment to see this company take its place among India's finest.

How does your organisation plan to attain leadership growth in the next decade?
In India our company is continuing its pursuit of achieving our business objectives through the adoption of competitive corporate strategies, prudent business plans, strategic monitoring and mitigation of risks, while at the same time creating checks and balances and an organisation that values people, propriety, equity and fair play. Emerson is globally renowned to follow sound business practices and for the underlying management processes that ensure our business is conducted in a transparent manner. These are the pillars of our business and I have no doubt about our continued success in the Indian market in times to come.