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Industry Awaits Positive Government Policies
Non-availability of gas and lack of alternate gas supplies have been affecting the industry to a great extent, says K Rahul Raju, Managing Director, Nagarjuna Fertilzers and Chemicals Limited (NFCL). In an exclusive interview with Mittravinda Ranjan, he further talks about why there is lesser interest in investments from gas producers in the country, CCEA’s decision to increase domestic gas prices, decontrolling urea segment and more. Raju also shares insights into the latest developments within the company, including the status of refinery in Cuddalore.
- K Rahul Raju,
Managing Director, Nagarjuna Fertilzers and Chemicals Limited (NFCL)
En route to a Greener Path
IGL holds the distinction of being the only green petrochemical company of its kind which has commercialised the production of ethylene oxide, its derivatives and glycols from renewable agricultural resources, says Rakesh Bhartia, Chief Executive Officer, India Glycols Ltd. In an exclusive interview with Mittravinda Ranjan, he further highlights the need for versatile bio-refinery model capable of offering a range of products, and talks about the early year of the company, bio-based product market in the country, challenges and the future – that will see adoption of plenty of new technologies in bio-refining industry.
- Rakesh Bhartia,
Chief Executive Officer, India Glycols Ltd
“There are No Thumb Rules to Understand What Goes Inside the Heat Exchanger”
H K Sippy, Chairman & Managing Director, TEMA India Ltd, recalls his experience when he saw the very first air-receiver being built at his uncle’s tiny workshop for Volkart Bros (Now known as Voltas). It was a big challenge, especially the tori-spherical dished-end in the knuckle and the straight face region being hammered out of the red-hot CS plate by a blacksmith called Motilal. This was in the year 1956 when Sippy was only ten years old. After graduating from engineering, he built a heat exchanger manufacturing factory. It has been over 40 years now since he started designing heat exchangers and constantly innovated new ways to address the operational challenges associated with the equipment at the design stage. In an exclusive interview with Mittravinda Ranjan, he asserts that though heat exchanger is static mechanical equipment, there is lot of action that takes place within.
- H K Sippy
Chairman & Managing Director, TEMA India Ltd
“Scaling Up will Give us the Competitive Edge”
Cetex Petrochemicals has the privilege of being the only manufacturer of Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) and Secondary Butyl Alcohol (SBA) in the Indian market. Its Chairman & Managing Director, S Ilanahi, talks to Mittravinda Ranjan about the ambitious ` 300 crore investment by the company on brown-field expansion of production unit in Manali which will catapult the growth of the company manifolds and increase the turnover from the current ` 150 crore to ` 1000 crore by 2015.
- S Ilanahi
Chairman & Managing Director, Cetex Petrochemicals
Dry Processing Intelligent Processing
Martin Fischer, President – Global Sales, LIST AG, Feels India as a key strategic market for company’s proprietary technologies. During His business trip to India, Fischer talked exclusively to Mittravinda Ranjan and Harshal Y Desai about what LIST AG has to offer to the Indian market to spearhead industrial growth.
- Martin Fischer
President – Global Sales, LIST AG
Safety is Driven by Culture, Not by Compulsion
The Chemistar factory might be a small chemical unit but then together such units employ more than 70 million people in India, and hence it really calls for strict safety measures in micro, small and medium enterprises, says V B Sant, Director General, National Safety Council (NSC). In an exclusive conversation with Harshal Y Desai, he further discusses 'Safety' and highlights the signifi cance of 'Safety Audits.'
- V B Sant
Director General, National Safety Council (NSC)
"MSMEs Must Comply with OSH Standards"
Chemical industry involves dealing with hazardous chemicals and complex processes thus putting the workers at risk. Though most of the large players have incorporated safe practices in their work culture, many Micro, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (MSMEs) still continue cutting the corners to reduce the operational cost, and many times end up losing more valuable thing – the human lives.
- Vilas S Moray
Director, Directorate Industrial Safety & Health,
Government of Maharashtra
Green Concepts don't Need Different Evaluation
P R Rathi, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, Sudarshan Chemical Industries Limited, has played a pivotal role in the growth of the organisation, a renowned pigments company. In an exclusive interview with CEW, Rathi revealed that the company is driven by R&D, which has been the backbone of the company in the last several decades with most of the products have been indigenously developed and then scaled up. Excerpts from the interview:
- P R Rathi
Vice Chairman & Managing Director
Sudarshan Chemical Industries Limited
"A wave of innovation will drive growth in the future"
The specialty chemicals industry, which is not so dependent on oil & gas for feedstock, can be a major driver for the growth of Indian chemical industry. In an exclusive interaction with Chemical Engineering World, Nadir Godrej, Managing Director, Godrej Industries Ltd, talks about the dire need to address the issues ailing the Indian chemical industry ; the competition that USA is going to pose in the next few years to the global chemical industry with the availability of cheap gas in that country and more
- Nadir Godrej
Managing Director, Godrej Industries Ltd
Strengthening the Bottomline
Favourable policy and firm availability of the feedstock are pre-requisites in the fertiliser sector. With the new Urea Policy, more investment is expected to be made in fertiliser industry which has been stagnant for more than a decade for want of capacity addition, says R G Rajan, CMD, Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Ltd.
- R G Rajan
CMD, Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Ltd.
Sustainable Products and their Benefits
Sustainable products, in present time, are the first and foremost focus area for chemical manufacturers across the world. The onus is not only on manufacturers, but retailers, suppliers of goods along with government authorities, other organisations and end consumers also has a big role to play. Santhosh Jayaram, Technical Director, Advisory - Climate Change and Sustainability, KPMG in India, writes*.
- Santhosh Jayaram
Technical Director, Advisory - Climate Change and Sustainability, KPMG
Carbon Sequestration: A Fresh Perspective
Carbon dioxide capture, transport and storage are the three major components of Carbon dioxide Capture and Sequestration (CCS). Technologies in all the aforesaid components play a vital role. Pradnya P Gune, Senior Technology Manager - Marketing, Aker Powergas Pvt Ltd, Mumbai, writes.
- Pradnya P Gune
Senior Technology Manager - Marketing, Aker Powergas Pvt Ltd
Striking Right Balance Between Heavy Supply Chain & Feedstock Cost
Huntsman has created a new position of Vice President & Managing Director - Indian subcontinent and appointed Steve Stilliard to this role. In an interaction with CEW, Stilliard talks about the new role and responsibilities.
- Steve Stilliard
VP & MD Indian Subcontinent, Huntsman