3rd International Conference on Chloro Alkanes

29th November, 2018

Venue: India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

Chlorinated alkanes have been under the scanner due to the developments in the regulatory frameworks. Manufacturers have realized the need to enhance the efforts in the field of technology & research to improve product quality and develop innovative processes. One day conference will highlight global trends in CA business, regulatory status, substance evaluations, risk assessments, product benefits and global cooperation.

Conference Program

Session 1: The Global Chlorinated Alkanes Business Situation
  • 1.Welcome to India
  • 2.India Business Situation
  • 3.North America Business Situation
  • 4.China Business Situation
  • 5.Europe Business Situation
Session 2: Regulatory status of CA substances
  • 1.Global Regulatory Issues: Stockholm Convention - status SCCPs
  • 2.Asia Regulatory Update
      § Korea K-REACH
      § India
      § China
  • 3.North America Regulatory Update:Expansion of CPs in US TSCA
  • 4.European Regulatory Update
Session 3: Substance Evaluations and Risk Assessments
  • 1.MCCP Substance Evaluations:P and B strategies
  • 2.USEPA Testing Programme for MCCP
  • 3.Developments in Analytics - How can these help our industry?
Session 4: Highlighting product benefits and global cooperation
  • 1.Applications and Safe Use of CA
      § EU/US approach and Responsible Care
      § CP applications in India
      § CP applications in China
  • 2.Benefits of the use of CPs
  • 3.How can we collaborate better to highlight our products benefits?
Workshop Dinner

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