Mr Jasu Shah

Founder Chairman,
Jasubhai Group & CHEMTECH Foundation

The spirit of Chemtech is about innovation as a differentiator, invention as a strategic tool and collaboration to build institutions and country.

Mr Narendra Modi

Chief Minister,
Government of Gujarat
Chemtech World Expo 2011

I understand that 25th edition of CHEMTECH & Pharma Bio World Expo will bring together leaders from the wide spectrum of the chemical and allied industries from around the globe. My advice to those who are participating in this international exhibition and conference is to embrace the challenge by adopting positive attitude towards new technologies and environment.

Mr B Narayan

Group President ( Procurement & Projects ) Reliance Industries Ltd & Chairman – Central Advisory Board, Chemtech EPC World Expo 2017

Thirty years back when we were implementing projects, I had not heard so much about safety, but today when we sit down for our meetings, first thing that we talk about is safety. As the projects become more complex involving larger capacities, very heavy equipment and large number of interfaces, we need to give lot of importance to HSE element right through the stages of engineering design, procurement and installation so that plant is implemented safely and handed over to ensure safe maintenance and operations.

Mr. Bhaskar Patel

Managing Director
India Operating Centre, TechnipFMC

EPC World Conference is an ideal platform for energy stakeholders to exchange best practices and thereby, addressing influence of disruptive technologies to attain efficiency and cost effectiveness in response to evolving customer demands.

Mr H H Pandya

Project Head
Deepak Phenolics Ltd

Continuous renewal and collaboration are embedded in every Chemtech event and thereby professionals look forward to annual Expo's. Cherry on the cake this time will be larger participation across the globe and all inclusive agenda for four quadrants of the industry i.e. Technology Licensors, EPC Consultants, Suppliers/Contractors and Owner operators !! I will be there, will you?

Dr. Raman Ramachandran

Head South Asia, Chairman & Managing Director,
BASF India Ltd & Chairman CAB,
Specialty Chemicals World Expo 2019

India’s ability to manufacture complex agro-chemicals and pharmaceuticals, cost effectively, has already established it as a serious contender in specialty chemicals space. To become the next major manufacturing hub for specialty chemicals, India needs to leverage the power of Industry 4.0 via digitalization and embrace sustainable manufacturing practices. The industry also needs to focus on Research and Innovation as a differentiator. A marriage of world class Indian academic talent with abundant entrepreneurial spirit can prove to be a potent combination. I am looking forward to the Speciality Chemicals World Expo 2019 conference where these important topics will be deliberated.

Mr. B. K. Namdeo

Former Director
Refineries, HPCL

By 2040, India’s energy consumption for oil and gas will not be less than 450 MMT per annum. At present, our total refining capacity is approximately 240 MMT. In the next 5-6 years, there isn’t much addition in the refineries in India except the west coast refineries that is about 60 MMT, which is still on the drawing board.

Mr Ajay Durrani

MD, Covestro India Ltd. &
CAB member Specialty Chemicals World Expo 2019

We have witnessed a digital transformation in the 21st century. Chemical manufacturers are still at the bottom end of the digital maturity pyramid. The industry has recently expressed their digital ambitions as they are proving to be major growth drivers. Digital transformation can lead to sustainable development of any business; hence Covestro also has revolutionized its business strategy to support the ongoing human resources development activities. Through digital tools and methods, we want to push boundaries in the chemical industry and make our customers even more successful in their businesses as we can connect and deliver them better than ever.

Mr S Masood Husain

Director General, National Water Development Agency (NWDA), Ministry of Water Resources, Government of India

Lack of Consensus amongst concerned States is the Most important challenge in the implementation of Interlinking of Rivers (ILR). The States surplus in water resources do not agree to such surpluses. It is difficult to have agreement between donor and donee states as the latter in general demand more water. The States are apprehensive about disturbing the existing allocation of water as per awards.

DR. Anil Kakodkar

INAE Chair of Engineering Eminence, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre & Chairman Nuclear Committee , CAB - (EnerTECH World Expo 2016)

Nuclear Energy is inevitable for protecting mother earth

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