Chemical & Processing

P.K. Gera, IAS
Managing Director
Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals Limited

Growth of Caustic Soda Industry can Become One of the Major Factors in Fulfilment of the Dream “Make in India”

"India's growth driver in next decade will be the contribution of youth of India in "Make-In-India" drive", says P.K. Gera, IAS, Managing Director of Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals Limited states in conversation with Mittravinda Ranjan from Chemical Engineeri...

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Mr. A M Tiwari (IAS)
Chairman & Managing Director

All Set to Revamp and Modernise Overall Operations

"We are working on multiple dimensions across various functions and departments. Our organization has undergone major internal restructuring," asserts A M Tiwari (IAS), Chairman & Managing Director, GSFC. In candid conversation with Mittravinda Ranjan, he talk...

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Mr. R Mukundan
Managing Director
Tata Chemicals

Technological Advancements Will Pave the Way for Growth

A favorable regulatory environment that propels technological advancements is what we need to reinvigorate the fertiliser sector, believes R Mukundan, Managing Director, Tata Chemicals. Mukundan further shares views on how the new government should ensure the ...

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Mr. Suresh Krishnan,
Managing Director
Zuari Agrochemicals Ltd

It’s a Serious Business, Govt Must Pull its Socks Up

The growth of Indian fertiliser sector has been saddled with various issues right from raw material deficit to market volatilities in gas prices to policy paralysis. This sector has gone through the most turbulent phase over the last decade. With the new gover...

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Mr. K Rahul Raju
Managing Director
Nagarjuna Fertilzers and Chemicals Limited (NFCL)

Industry Awaits Positive Government Policies

Non-availability of gas and lack of alternate gas supplies have been affecting the industry to a great extent , says K Rahul Raju, Managing Director, Nagarjuna Fertilzers and Chemicals Limited (NFCL). In an exclusive interview with Mittravinda Ranjan, he furth...

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