‘Make in India’ becomes central to the transformation in the energy industry’

Globally as well as in India, new oil and gas production is focused on more remote, challenging and expensive to operate locations; and Deep-water, ultra deep-water, tight oil and shale gas are great examples of this. However, a different approach will have to be taken to bring in investments in exploring for oil and gas in new areas, developing discovered oil and gas resources and enhancing production from existing fields, says Sashi Mukundan, Regional President and Head of Country – India, BP Group. In a candid interaction with Offshore World, he talks about the existing E & P activities and investments in India and the required steps along with government’s paradigm shifts in reforms to augment the domestic E & P. He further outlines Gas potential in bridging the energy gap of India and the key initiatives to realise the Honourable Prime Minister’s call for building a gas based economy.