Oil & Gas

Mr. Sashi Mukundan
Regional President and Head of Country
India, BP Group.

‘Make in India’ becomes central to the transformation in the energy industry’

Globally as well as in India, new oil and gas production is focused on more remote, challenging and expensive to operate locations; and Deep-water, ultra deep-water, tight oil and shale gas are great examples of this. However, a different approach will have to...

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Mr.Raghav Jindal
Managing Director
Jindal Drilling & Industries Limited (JDIL).

‘Within the RSC model, as the contractor keeps earning, the Government gets progressively higher revenue’

The depression in International crude oil prices has deeply affected the global Offshore Drilling market on the whole. "While the present conditions are unfavourable for drilling contractors, the market conditions will not remain the same forever. This definit...

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Mr. P Elango
Managing Director
Hindustan Oil Exploration Company.

‘Stay focussed in India and make a difference to Indian Hydrocarbon Industry’

Being the first ever Oil Company in private sector participated in the oil & gas exploration in India, Hindustan Oil Exploration Company (HOEC) has built a strong portfolio of assets with operating experience in both onshore and offshore in the country, says P...

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Dr. Aninda Mazumdar
Associate Professor ACSIR
Gas Hydrate Research Group, CSIR-National Institute of Oceanography (NIO)

Unconventional Today… Conventional Tomorrow

India's National Gas Hydrate Programme (NGHP) was initiated in 1997 with an intention of developing Gas Hydrate in India, which has significant potential as it represents a large amount of hydrocarbons trapped in the hydrate phase and has an important role to ...

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