Dr. S K Jha

Dr S. K. Jha has obtained B.Sc. (Engg.) from NIT Jamshedpur and PHD from Homi Bhabha National institute (HBNI), Bhabha Atomic Research Centre(BARC). After completion of degree in metallurgical engineering, he joined the 32nd batch training school of Bhabha atomic research centre (BARC). He successfully completed one year intensive course in nuclear science and technology and posted in Nuclear Fuel complex(NFC) ,where he was given the responsibility to process nuclear materials for India’s various nuclear power reactors, viz., Pressurized heavy water reactor(PHWR), Boiling water reactor(BWR), Fast breeder reactor(FBR)and also various materials for India’s strategic nuclear programs.
During his tenure, he innovated a number of technologies in processing of nuclear materials of different grades. Some of the worth mentioning developments were high burnup fuel clad for Advanced heavy water reactor(AHWR), Niobium alloys for compact high temperature reactor(CHTR), Al finned Fuel clad tube for research reactor, and other various critical components. In addition to materials for nuclear applications he has also developed technology to produce Inconel 718 used in ISRO’s human space mission, Titanium full alloy for light combat aircraft, PT-7M and PT-3B tubes for Nuclear submarine, Inconel 690 for nuclear fuel reprocessing and Incoloy 800H steam generator tubes of 700MWe PHWRs.
He was also instrumental in producing Titanium half alloy and full alloy tube in different sizes for Light Combat Aircraft and PSLV applications. He has carried out Simulation and modeling of two dissimilar metals for superconductor applications which is being used for development of fusion technology and Alloy 617 and SS 30HCu for advanced ultra supercritical (AUSC) boiler. He has developed pressure tubes for pressurized heavy water reactor which has resulted in life extension of nuclear power reactors. He has contributed in alloy development programmes for nuclear power reactors used for strategic applications. He has also contributed in development of seamless tube making technology of Nb based alloys, shape memory alloys. In the year 2016 he joined to Mishra Dhatu Nigam (MIDHANI) as Director (Production & Marketing).
Dr. Jha has received many awards and recognition, the most notable amongst them being, award for Excellence in Science technology for the year 2006 from Department of Atomic Energy (DAE). He has also received Group award from DAE five times for development of modified route for pressure tube, Development of Niobium alloys, Revamping of extrusion press, extrusion of ODS steel for FBRs application. Steam generator tubes for 700 MWe PHWRs. He is also a Life member of Indian institute of Metals ( IIM), Indian Nuclear Society(INS),ISNT and aeronautical Society of India. He has also published more 35 articles in international journals. He has authored technical report on materials for fast breeder nuclear reactor, which was published by International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Vienna. He has completed his PHD in engineering sciences from Homi Bhabha National institute (HBNI), BARC.