Dr. Indrakant Borkar

Indrakant V Borkar, Ph.D.
Indrakant Borkar obtained his bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Shivaji University (2002) followed by M.Tech. and Ph.D. in Bio/Chemical engineering (2008) from the Institute of Chemical Technology (formerly known as UDCT), Mumbai. During his PhD course, he worked under the guidance of PADMASHRI Professor G. D. Yadav to study the effect of microwave irradiations and ionic liquids on reaction kinetics (enzymatic reactions). Dr. Borkarthen carried out post-doctoral research with Professor Jonathan Dordick and Professor Ravi Kane, at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI, USA), working on utilizing the unique properties of carbon nanotube/nanoparticle for different applications.
In 2010 he started his industrial career with BMS-Biocon R&D center and worked there as senior principal investigator in early phase chemical development. Currently, he is working with Eli Lilly Services India Private Limited as lead engineer and handlingdrug substance process engineering deliverables for early phase portfolio. Since 2010, he is contributing towards development of new medicine via process analytical technology, developing models and digital design platforms.
Achievements: Dr Borkar was one among top four technologist in India and recognized by honoring “Technical Role Model Award for 2019”. He has been the recipient of several other awards including the Best Research Presentation Award (BRSI-2006); Avishkar-2007; Outstanding Young Chemical Engineer (IIChE-2007); Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Nano-biotechnology (RPI Troy NY 2008); Outstanding Research Project Award (CBD S&T Conference, Dallas TX 2009); BMS Triumph Award (2014) and BMS Galaxy Award (2015). He has also co-authored multiple peer reviewed publications and has been invited to give several lectures at conferences and Universities.