Dr. Sanjay Mishra

Dr. Sanjay Mishra heads the Global R&D activities for SABIC’s Specialties Group. Based out of the US and the Netherlands, he interacts with customers, suppliers, entrepreneurs, Universities and other institutions to drive cutting edge innovation in the world of Specialty chemicals and polymers. Dr. Mishra has worked in R&D, Marketing and Sales over his career working at L&T, GE Plastics and SABIC to introduce transformative innovations in plastics within Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Healthcare, Aerospace segments. He holds a Bachelors in Chemical Engineering from UDCT, Mumbai and a M.S. and Ph.D. in Chemical and Polymer Engineering from Michigan State University, USA. With more than 50 industrial patents worldwide, Dr. Mishra is an avid student of innovation trends, philosophies and practices and enjoys free time with family and in traveling, reading, and meeting people.

• how specialty chemicals industry can be an enabler for creating Circular economies in approximately 100 words
The Specialty chemicals industry has a critical role to play in creating a sustainable environment and help shape the planet of the future. Building in bio sourced raw materials and eco-efficient processes to design solutions for multi-use, recyclability and / or controlled degradability to directly impact the environment has to be a focus of major innovations. Devising appropriate additives to promote eco-friendly flame retardancy, pigmentation, stabilization need to be enhanced. Upcycling of polymers back to monomers with an eye on overall life cycle assessment and design for de-assembly and segregation of components create numerous opportunities for the industry.

• expectations from specialty chemicals conference.
Share and learn the latest innovations in the industry that are focused on enhancing sustainability, leveraging digitization and big data analytics, and creating solutions that are focused on macro platforms of 5G, electrification, AI and the like that create immense opportunities for collaboration across the supply chain. Learn from each other on how we can use new technologies or tools to reduce time to market which is critical in technology era.