Dr. V. Kalyanaraman

Doctorate in Environmental Technology and Biotechnology from National Environmental Engineering Research Institute, (NEERI) Nagpur India from 1990 to 1995. Worked in NEERI as Scientist 1995 to 1997. Joined Thermax Limited, Pune India as Technology Manager in 1997. Currently working as Senior Deputy General Manager & Head, Centre of Excellence – Biotechnology, Water & Wastewater Treatment Technologies in Research, Technology and Innovation Centre ( RTIC), Thermax Limited, Pune, India. Over 29 years of experience in Research and Development on Environmental Engineering, Environmental Biotechnology, Bio-energy, Water treatment and Wastewater treatment systems and responsible for development of various technologies in this domain.
The major technologies that developed are, fluidised bed aeraobic and anerobic bioreactor, Sequencing batch Bioreactor, Package water and wastewater treatment systems, Anaerobic and aerobic membrane bioreactor, Membrane systems for water and wastewater purification, Tubular membrane for solid liquid separation, Electro Chemical and electrobiological wastewater treatment, Waste to energy solutions – Biofuels & Biomethanation with solid and liquid waste, Phytoremediation systems and Capacitive deionization for drinking water application.
IP profile includes 17 PCT/INDIAN patents and over 70 research publications papers in various International/National journals and conferences. Visiting Faculty in various institutions including Department of Technology and School of Energy – University of Pune. Research Guide for 8 Ph.D students (4 awarded and 4 in progress) and 22 M.Tech students for their research