H. E. Mr. Carlos Pereira Marques

Born on 18th May 1962, in Águeda , Portugal.
Graduated in Law from the Catholic University of Lisbon

Joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on 11th September 1986
Attaché at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on 30th June 1987

Secretary of Embassy, 14th April 1990;
Embassy in Berne, 28th June 1991;
Embassy in Luanda, 2nd October 1995;
Counsellor of Embassy, 30th June 1998;
Diplomatic Advisor President of the Republic, 1st September 1999;
Permanent Mission of Portugal to the United Nation, Geneva, 14th December 2003;
Consul General in Johannesburg, 15th September 2008;
Minister Plenipotentiary (2nd class), 30th December 2011;
Deputy Director of Foreign Policy, 30th April 2012;
Ambassador in Luxembourg, 18th November 2014;
Minister Plenipotentiary (1st class), 30 December 2014.

Ambassador of Portugal in India , 18th October 2018.