Mr. Akilur Rahman

Akilur Rahman, CTO – ABB India has 30 years of experience in research, business R&D, technology management, engineering, business and product development in ABB.

He has Master’s degree in Technology from IIT Kharagpur with strong experience in power and automation technologies for utilities and industries. He has held various international and global roles in India, Germany and Switzerland. Akilur was responsible for building upABB’s global software product development in India. Led global engineering and cyber security inprocess automation, and ABB’s Corporate Research in Bangalore.

As CTO -ABB India, leading ABB’s core technologies, automation, robotics, AI-ML, Industrial IoT and digitalization, enhancing end-user values and experience.Has been promoting application of these technlogies in utilities, industries and infrastructure including smart cities, smart campuses enhancing productivity and quality of goods and services. Has been involved in using technologies such as Microgrid, smart electrical distribution system, modelling, simulation and technical skill development in CSR projects.

Akilur has been a speaker and panelist at various international and national conferences.