Mr. Dattaraj Kasar

Mr. Dattaraj Kasar is Deputy General Manager – Project Controls at Offshore, L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering (LTHE). He is a Mechanical Engineer and has 19 years of work experience in industry. He joined L&T in March 2004 and worked in various roles since then. As a sales professional contributed to the growth of L&T Welding Product Business from April 2004 till March 2011. He was an Executive Assistant to CEO & MD, L&T from April 2011 till Aug 2013. It was in Sept 2013 that he shifted to project management in Offshore, L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering. He has diverse experience in various project functions ranging from Project Controls, Fabrication, Loadout, Transportation & Installation.
He is the Digitalization Champion from project execution side and instrumental in implementation of various digital initiative across Offshore, LTHE.