Mr. Kiran Kumar

Kiran Kumar has about thirty years of experience in the global water and wastewater treatment industry serving clients in
the Municipal, Power, Chemical Process, Electronic, and Oil & Gas Industrial sectors. Kiran’s broad water and wastewater
treatment industry experience includes technology evaluation and process design, turnkey project execution, system startups,
project pricing and life cycle cost analysis, product development, global product sourcing etc. Kiran has been involved in
the design and supply of various small to large capacity water and wastewater treatment plants using different technologies
including Ion Exchange, Membranes, Electro-Separation, Thermal Evaporation, Desalination, and Integrated Zero Liquid
Discharge (ZLD) systems.Kiran currently works as a Senior Consultant to Water and Wastewater treatment industry, and is
based out of Bangalore, India. Consulting Services include Technology Evaluation, Life Cycle Cost Analysis, Advise clients with
buying decisions on water and wastewater treatment systems, Consultancy on RFQ generation, Business Strategy decisions
etc. Prior to the above, Kiran worked for GE Power and Water as Evaluation, Analysis & Pricing leader for Global projects. Kiran
has worked for different water industry OEMs in India and USA, and clients and consultants around the world.