Mr. Mahesh Aradhye

Mr. Aradhye is a certified protective coating specialist – NACE –PCS. # 21914 Certified Protective Coating Specialist & NACE – Certified Coating Inspector Level – 3 # 15945 . He has received certification from SSPC –PCS #2011-049-332 and is a STEM Expert Corrosion in Oil & Gas Industry. He helmed the International Visitor Leadership Program arranged by Department of States United State for Adoption of Corrosion Standards 2015 as Opinion Leader – IVLP 2015. He is an MBA in Surface Coating Technologist & NACE-Certified Protective Coatings Specialist with & more than 26 years’ experience in the wide field of Surface Coating Technology & Specialized in Industrial & Automotive Coatings & High Performance Protective Coatings.

He has in-depth knowledge & is proficient in resolving problems / bottlenecks in development processes & towards optimizing production operations & applications of Protective Coatings / Industrial Finishing with Hands on Experience in Pipe lining, Tank linings & Floor Coatings ; Cellulosic as well as Hydrocarbon/Jet Fire Intumescent Passive Fire Proofing Expert. He is a part of NACE – Coatings & Lining Technical Committee member since 2010 and visiting faculty to ICT – Mumbai . Mr Aradhye has won ASK Foundation Award for 2019 Best R & D in Industry.