Mr. Masood Mallick

Masood has joined REEL as Joint Managing Director.

Masood has been working closely with industries and investors for more than 20 years to manage resource management and sustainability risks across the asset life cycle. His professional experience has had a strong focus on strategic decision support, M&A advisory and management of hazardous materials, wastes & contaminated sites. His portfolio of work includes more than 1000 industrial and commercial assets across India, South East Asia, Middle-East, Europe and the Americas. He also has experience of providing value-added liability management services, transaction negotiations (in several countries), litigation support and agency consultations.

Masood has also led some landmark post transaction integration and sustainability performance improvement programs.

Prior to joining REEL, Masood was the Managing Director of ERM and a member of ERM’s Global Senior Leadership Team (SLT). He led ERM’s operations in South Asia and co-led ERM’s Global Innovation initiative. He was also the Executive Sponsor for a number of strategic programs, including ERM’s partnership EnviroSuite. He has worked with over 35 Fortune 100 corporations, more than 150 Fortune 500 corporations, major PE and VC firms, financial institutions and leading law firms. Amongst the DFI’s, he has experience of working with the World Bank, IFC, ADB, DFID, CDC, JBIC/ JICA, FMO, DEG, KfW and GTZ.

Masood has also been involved in advising the Government of India, including the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC), the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) and the Planning Commission (now NitiAayog) on policy, legislation and technical aspects, including regulatory frameworks, standards and the SDGs.

Masood has a deep and long-standing interest in research, development & innovations focusing on treatment/ management of persistent and recalcitrant hazardous substances and wastes, using low-cost approaches that are relevant to emerging economies. His achievements in this area include:

• Development of an internationally patented system for destruction of persistent and recalcitrant wastes using Pulse Plasmatechnology .
• Development of three proprietary accelerated bio-remediation techniques, including an enzyme catalyzed approach and a chem-bio approach;
• Development of two proprietary long term contaminant stabilization techniques for hazardous substances/ wastes.

Masood’s academic qualifications include a Bachelors Degree in Environmental Sciences (University of Delhi), a Master’s Degree in Environmental Sciences and Technology (Kukurshetra University) and a Diploma in Environmental Law (CEL, WWF – UK). Masood has also completed an advanced management program from Harvard Business School.