Mr. Michael Wolf

Presentation topic:
Digitalization and Advanced Pump Technology utilizing Self-Regulating Centrifugal Pumps for
higher plant reliability
Digitalization is entering into pump technology and industrial plants. Reliability of the pump system has
ever been a key concern. Combining highly advanced pump technology of Self-Regulating Pumps with
modern simple diagnosis systems will lead to significant reduction of life-cycle costs and increase the
availability of capital process equipment. A life demonstration of the Self-Regulating Pump with unique
continuously dry-running by design magnetic drive pump will show the pump operating at NPSHa=0,
handling 50% of gas and/or solids and pumping out of full vacuum.
BUNGARTZ special centrifugal pumps
Michael Wolf
Regional Director Asia-Pacific
Job Education:
Bachelor Engineering from University of Applied Science Dortmund/ Germany
MBA from University of Applied Science Dortmund/ Germany
Lean VBSS Green Belt from University of Michigan
Work Experience:
I have been working in the pump, valves, heat exchanger and complete process plant industry for
over 30 years. My focus is on continuous improvement of investment goods reliability and
reduction of total costs of ownership for the benefit of the enduser.