Mr. Rajendra Gogri

Delegate Profile:

Name: Mr. Rajendra Gogri
Organization: Aarti Industries Ltd.
Designation: Chairman & Managing Director

Mr. Rajendra Gogri has been with the company since its inception and was appointed as Managing Director in 1993. He eventually became the Chairman & Managing Director in 2012. The total turnover of the Company as on 31-March-2018 is Rs.3700 Crores with Exports of Rs.1600 Crores.

He holds a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from USA and is a rank holder from UDCT, Mumbai. He worked along with Shri Chandrakant V. Gogri, Founder Chairman, Aarti Industries Ltd. to help the Company achieve its present stature. Mr. Gogri has played an instrumental role in expanding the company’s presence in International markets. In addition to his technical qualification, he has expertise in handling financial and commercial matters as well. He had been awarded the prestigious “Distinguished Alumnus Award” from UDCT in the year 1995 for his excellent performance as an entrepreneur in Chemical Industry.