Mr. Shripad Khatav

Shripad Khatav , a technocrat turned entrepreneur, started S.S. Techno Services Pvt Ltd the Company in the year 2000. Mr
Khatav started as a consultant for the chemical industry in the year 1997 after 15 years of Industrial experience. SS Techno
Services Pvt Ltd forayed into manufacturing Heat and Mass transfer Systems for the Chemical and Food industry in the year
2001 and offered scrubbers, evaporators and dryers. By 2003, SS Techno decided to focus on Turnkey Evaporators and Dryers
in Food Industry. Increasing industrialisation already started attracting the attention of environmentalists and Mr. Khatav a
foresighted technocrat – saw a huge potential in the area of waste water management. SS Techno is a now an established brand
and has already commissioned over 130 plants in last seven years and receive repeat orders from the existing customer base.
Mr. Khatav asserts that Innovation based on Technology has always been at the forefront of SS Techno, which is its inherent
strength and strong differentiator. The company has developed inherent culture of innovation and continuously works towards
improving existing applications and simultaneously developing new applications through Research and Development.