Mr. V K Shrivastava

Shri Vinay Kumar Shrivastava, aged 58 years is currently Executive Director heading Western Regional Load Dispatch Centre in POSOCO. He is also independent Director with Madhya Pradesh Power Transmission Corporation Limited.

He graduated with Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra,Ranchiin the year 1982. He has 37 years of work experience in the Power sector especially in the field of Power Transmission and Load Management. He joined POWERGRID since the company started its Commercial operations. Prior to it, he has worked in NTPC Ltd for about 10 years, where he started his career in 1982 as an Engineering Executive Trainee.

Shri V K Shrivastava has served various key functional areas of the Company including Field Execution, Contract Services, Commercial department and Telecom department all as heads of the units before taking up the Current assignment. Prior to this he was also head of Southern Regional Load dispatch Centre, Bengaluru.

He is passionate about knowledge management, information dissemination, mentoring and capacity building of young engineers. He is a Certified System Operator and also obtained Specialist level Certification in Regulatory Framework in Power Sector. He has represented POSOCO in GO15 (formerly Very Large Power Grid Operators of the World) in 2018 where 15 Largest system Operators of the world share the experience and Best Practices.

As part of the current assignment, his role is to ensure integrated operation of Western Regional Power system and to act as an interface between the company and all stake holders for smooth operation of Western Grid. Under his active Role , Western Region has ensured NIL curtailment of Renewable Energy since last 3 years . Reserve Shutdown Procedure of Thermal Power plants presently in practice was his Brain child.Similarly the Concept of Golden Share in Power Plants is his Novel idea being used effectively in the Country by many utilities.