Mr. Vivek Pandey

Senior Deputy General Manager
(System Operation and Interface energy accounting)
Western Regional Load Despatch Centre, Mumbai

Two decades of experience spans across real-time system operation, regional grid integration, congestion management, reliability coordination, simulation studies, electricity market design, transmission pricing, regulatory affairs, Wide Area Measurements Systems and RE integration.

Contributed significantly in formulating the SAMAST (समस्त) and SANTULAN (संतुलन) framework to facilitate electricity transaction in a multi area – nested area as well as CABIL (क़ाबिल) framework for institutional capacity building of Load Despatch Centres in India. Associated with evolution of regulatory mechanisms for optimization of hydro resources and enhancing thermal flexibility in Indian power system.

Affiliations and publications
Fellow of Institution of Engineers, India
Senior member, IEEE, USA
Member of CIGRE France
Over 25 published papers in IEEE / CIGRE conferences and journals

2007: M.B.A. Department of Management Studies, IIT-Delhi
1998: B.E. Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur