CHEMTECH organised the very first conference in India on Specialty Chemicals in the year 2005 to highlight the potential of India as a global hub for specialty chemicals. In 2015, CHEMTECH launched focused vertical for Specialty Chemicals as one of the New Initiatives to mark the journey of entering the 5th decade of serving the Indian chemical processing industry.

CHEMTECH will organise Specialty Chemicals World Expo 2021 along with parallel technical conference and buyer seller meet from February 24-27, 2021 during CHEMTECH World Expo 2021 in Mumbai.

The international exhibition will enable the specialty chemicals manufacturers to present innovations to a wide array of end user industries during the international expo. The one day concurrent conference will enable the specialty chemicals manufacturers to engage with the experts from multiple end user industries to deliberate over the key trends like changing aspirations of consumers, inclination towards premium products for elevated experiences, creating new chemistries for sustainable solutions etc. and other relevant topics of utmost importance in Indian context.

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