Specialty Chemicals

Dr. Raman Ramachandran
Head – South Asia and Chairman
BASF India

“India has all that it takes to emerge as a Manufacturing Country”

"For us, sustainability does not end with just our goals, products or solutions. It is about partnering with our customers, distributors, suppliers and the society, to make sure that their sustainability goals are met as well as the prescribed regulatory stand...

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Mr. Rajendra Gogri
Chairman & Managing Director
Aarti Industries Ltd.

“We Have Emabrked Around 1500 Crores For The Next Phase Of Growth”

There is significant interest across international companies who are looking at India as an alternative source to procure specialties chemicals to reduce dependency on Chinese market. With the growth of Indian economy, certain import substitutes are witnessing...

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Mr.Ajay Durrani
Managing Director
Covestro India Pvt Ltd ,

Building Economies of Scope for Business Value Creation

Ajay Durrani, Managing Director Covestro India Private Limited In terms of value, the specialty chemicals market size is projected to reach $470 Billion by 2020. "Despite being a huge consumer market, the per capita consumption of specialty chemicals is one of...

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Dr. Sudhakar Mhaskar
Chief Technology Officer
Marico Limited

“Consumer-Focused R & D is the Future”

Citing journey into product development for hair care category as an example, Dr. Sudhakar Mhaskar, Chief Technology Officer, Marico Limited shares his expert views on the Evolution and Critical role of R & D in the FMCG sector, Challenges to balance cost-effi...

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