Mr. Rajesh Sharma
Chairman and Managing Director
Ion Exchange (India) Ltd

Staying Ahead of Time

Some thirty years back, as the market was not that evolved due to lack of environmental consciousness, it took us almost twenty five to thirty meetings to convince our customer to buy a reverse osmosis system for waste water treatment," recalls Rajesh Sharma, ...

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Mr.S Masood Husain
Director General
National Water Development Agency (NWDA), Ministry of Water Resources

“It’s time We Realised the Significance of Optimal Conservation & Efficient Use of Water Resources”

Water is fundamental to life. The rivers that carry the waters are lifelines for overall growth of any nation. The water hence is to be conserved and harnessed sustainably. The question of maintaining sustainability of water is not only concerned with its quan...

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Mr. A B Pandya
Chairman, Central Water Commission, Ministry of Water Resources and
Chairman, CAB, WaterEX World Expo 2015

‘Management of Water Resources’ That is where the challenges lie ahead…

With increasing urbanisation and industrialisation, the consumption of water is increasing dramatically, which has necessitated intelligent reuse and recycle of water and integrated and sustainable development of water resources. In an exclusive interview with...

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Dr. K U Mistry

GPCB: Zero Tolerance towards Pollution

"A home to a number of domestic and international chemical companies, Gujarat has so far been leading the growth of the chemical and petrochemical industry in India. Chemical industry generates a lot of waste and thus causes a great threat to the environment, ...

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