Water is at the heart of sustainable development, critical for economic development, environmental sustainability and human wellbeing. By 2030, according to NITI Aayog report submitted in June 2018, the country’s water demand is projected to be twice the available supply, implying severe water scarcity for hundreds of millions and an eventual loss of around 6% of the country’s GDP.

ChemTECH sees fresh water as a scarce resource and a critical element for sustainable development of process industry. Conceived in 2009 as a platform to discuss the various aspects of this integral industry and continued creating important platform to show case products, services and solutions available in the water industry worldwide through its previous editions. ChemTECH has been instrumental in bringing together water companies to address various impediments faced by industries as well as the general populace, thereby creating a platform for radical solutions – the only way forward.

The 10th edition of WaterEx World Expo chaired by Mr. Sudhir Srivastava, Chairman, Maharashtra Pollution Control Board, will address all relevant topics along the industrial water value chains: from Green technologies for sustainable water and wastewater management to censoring and digitization in industrial water management; from alternative water resources to zero liquid discharge and integrated management.

ChemTECH World Expo & Conferences, believe that a new approach to the way we plan, manage, and use water is urgently needed. WaterEX World Expo 2021 aims to bring together networks of professionals from the industry and academia of different disciplines from all over the world to share and discuss issues ranging from experience of full-scale systems, innovation water management strategies, cutting edge technologies to research & development to address the needs and strategies in water for sustainable future. The forum will discuss the needs and interests of the Indian Water Industry, and learn about the latest technologies and find solutions to the challenges facing the industry.

Why you can’t miss it?
Meet the most comprehensive, single-day showcase of cases-studies and thought-leadership designed to tackle infrastructure, treatment and bio-resources all in one place. Network with leading wastewater professionals, discuss some of the emerging challenges facing the water industry and learn about the latest innovations and novel technologies.

Nowhere else can you:
• Find out how the water sector is tackling sewer flooding and pollution
• Hear what the Indian and international water sector think a waste water treatment strategy should look like
• Learn which game-changing wastewater technologies could benefit your treatment process
• Gain insight from thought-leadership
• Hear how your peers are creating a more sustainable future for treatment and bioresources